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Handmade brass gift olivetree in wood

Handmade brass gift olivetree in wood


Handmade brass olivetree in real piece of olive wood.


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Since antiquity the olive tree was for people symbols of good luck and fertility.

This is a special gift for wedding,home or bussiness.It can be placed on a coffee table,office table  or any other furniture.

Brass olive tree with two ceramic oilgreen olive fruits all made by hand in our silversmith workshop.It is placed and glued in real piece of olivewood.

Olive tree can also be made of sterling silver on request with a different price.

Height 18X9

Piece of olive wood is real and may have different shades.

Stamped with our 1194 codes laboratory of the Industrial Champer of Greece.

It is possible to engrave by hand name,important date,or even a short message or a wish.

It is placed in a luxury gift packaging at no extra charge.



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