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In order to promote our products, our company is seeking for reliable collaborators for wholesales.

Terms of cooperation:

If you become our wholesale customer, you have to send us an email ( which will contain your information, along with what you’re interested in. After we receive your email, we will text you back.

About your order:

  • There is not a minimum worth of order
  • You can order anything by your email
  • You can pay through your bank account or by using paypal
  • You can learn how the product will be sent to you from our profile
  • Products’ and/or availability can and may change anytime and with no further warning

We can discuss about when exactly you can get your order. After you deposit the amount of money, you shall inform our sales department by filling in the information box or you can send us the repository through:

*Any further charges that have to do with the deposit will only affect you.